Getting Started

  • Supported Pictavo Browsers

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    This article includes some of our most frequently asked questions regarding which browsers support Pictavo. You can also download the PDF. 

    The supported browsers and corresponding version are as … more

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  • My Account

    Once in a while, a user may need to make changes to their account after an Adviser or Admin has created it for them. To do so, use the Profile icon.

    Select the Profile button.

    The user’s … more

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  • Pictavo: The Basics

    Learning new software can be overwhelming. Taking a few minutes to get familiar with the most BASIC parts of Pictavo will make a world of difference when it comes time to dive in and get designing! … more

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  • Account & User Management

    Creating a yearbook can be quite a task -- and sometimes trying to manage a group of "helpers" can be just as tough. Luckily, Pictavo has you covered! View your entire team, including other project … more

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