Working with Templates

Templates are a pre-designed layout including art, photo boxes, and possibly portrait grids. They can be used as is or customized to fit your yearbook theme. 

To access Templates, click on the Art panel on the left and then click Templates.  

All of the professionally designed templates will be located in the Library.  

Each Art Collection has a dedicated album. To open an album, simply click or tap.  

To use a template, drag and drop onto the page.  

To customize a template, select an object and move it or remove it. You can change the color of shapes and colorable art or use a different background.  

The image above shows the original template while the image below shows the same template after changes have been made.

  1. The background was swapped out and the color was changed.
  2. A new color was chosen for the clouds (colorable art).
  3. The sub-header grouping in the middle of the right page was removed and a new snippet from the Comic Book collection was added.

While only a few changes have been made, you can see this template has completely transformed. Let your creative juices flow – the possibilities are endless! And don’t forget, you can save your own template–just follow the instructions in article Saving a Custom Template.