Using The Crop Tool

Let's face it, not every image gets loaded to your project cropped exactly how you'd like. Use Pictavo's advanced cropping tool to select the perfect portion of an image and hide the rest. 

After selecting a 'crop-able' item you've placed on your page, a contextual menu will appear. Here, you'll see the CROP icon. 

By selecting the Crop icon, the Crop tool opens at the bottom of the Effects menu. Using the slider, increase or decrease the size of the image selected. 

As you resize your IMAGE, the original FRAME will remain the same size. The shaded area of the image will no longer be visible (it actually still exists, it’s only hiding, and can be retrieved later by using the Crop tool).

To reposition the portion of the image that's visible, click anywhere in the SHADED area (the Move tool will appear) and move as you like. 

Another option is to specify the width and height measurements in the Properties menu. 

To resize the FRAME, click the non-shaded area of the image so the handles (squares at the edge of the frame) appear. Click on a square and move your mouse until the frame is your desired size.

Notice that when the FRAME is resized, the image remains the same size allowing for complete freedom in getting just the right crop for your layout without the learning curve of advanced photo editing software!

Just like before, click anywhere in the SHADED area and the move tool will appear. Drag the image to reposition the portion that's visible. If you're happy with your repositioned and resized image, click the Crop icon or click anywhere else on the page to exit the crop tool.