Using Tabs Effectively

Using the tab key can be a great typography tool when used correctly. It’s important to review how and when to use the tab key in order to avoid text reflow issues in PDFs generated by Pictavo!

Pictavo will ignore ‘tabs’ (no matter how many times you hit the key) until the Enable Tab Alignment function is activated. It is important to make a conscious decision about how to use tabs and take advantage of the opportunity to set tab alignment to something that works with your layouts.  

Once tab alignment has been enabled, the tab key will move text to the right as you would expect.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT use TAB or SPACEBAR to create line breaks, hit ENTER instead.

Pictavo allows users to edit the amount of indent for tabbed text by clicking within the tab alignment ruler and re-positioning the guide wherever you’d like.


Enable Tab Alignment will always be disabled when:

  • Using centered, right-aligned, or justified text.
  • There is more than 1 column.
  • Text is scaled vertically or horizontally to any percent other than 100%.