Using Group & Ungroup

When laying out yearbook pages, it's common to end up with so many elements on your page that it's difficult to effectively select and move items. This is when the GROUP tool comes in handy!


What do GROUP and UNGROUP do?

When there are two or more elements in your layout that you would like to GROUP or 'stick together' so they behave as one element, we use the GROUP tool.

If there are elements that have been grouped that now need editing or replacing, simply UNGROUP to make the elements behave separately again. 

For instance, if we've created a headline for our page using two text boxes and an accent like this:

It's a good idea to group the three elements so we can move the heading as needed while we finish designing our layout. We can do this by selecting the three items by dragging to select multiple items, using the shift key to select multiple items or using the multi-select touch tool. You'll notice that Pictavo shows the bounding box for each item within the larger box that shows the selection.

The GROUP tool looks like two boxes offset from one another (see below).

When items are grouped and then selected on the page, the group icon will change and this will be your indication that you have selected an item(s) that are part of a group.

To ungroup items, simply click or touch the icon which will change back to the icon that indicates items are not grouped: