Uploading Your Portrait Database

Once you’ve received your PSPA-compatible portrait database from your photographer, it’s time to load it into Pictavo!

To begin uploading, navigate to Manage Photos (1) and select Portrait Database (2). 

Click Upload Database at the bottom of the portraits panel. 

This starts the Portrait Upload Wizard. Click Next to continue. 

Access the folder, CD/DVD or hard drive where the portraits are located, select it and click Upload. If a confirmation message appears, click Upload to proceed.

One student record from the database will appear. Take a moment to verify the data from the index file is correctly inserted into each field - first name, last name, grade and teacher/homeroom. If you do not recognize the person shown or the portrait does not have complete information, click View Another Record

In the example below, the first and last name are in the wrong fields. The first name of the student appears in the Courtesy Title field and the last name appears in the First Name field.

Click on the arrow and select the appropriate detail for each field. For Courtesy Title, choose "Not Assigned" (which means the column is empty and doesn't contain any data). Then choose the appropriate option from the menu for the First and Last Name fields. Don't forget to verify the Grade and Teacher fields also. 

After changing this information for one portrait click View Another Record to verify the information continues to be accurate for subsequent portraits.

As shown below, the next student's information appears correct. Click Next.

The next step requires your agreement to the school being responsible for portrait accuracy. Check the box, then click Next.

Finally, choose how the portraits should be organized – by Grade or Teacher/Homeroom, then click Next.
When a second database is uploaded this step is skipped since the sort order was chosen when the first database was uploaded. 

The database will begin uploading to Pictavo. This may take a little while depending on how many portraits are included in the database, the file size, and the speed of your computer/internet connection. You can view upload progress by watching the percentage progress bar.

It is best to keep an eye on this window in case Pictavo finds a duplicate. If it does, you’ll need to indicate if you’d like to keep the current image, the new image or both. If the option you choose can be applied to all images, check ‘Do this for all’ then click Continue

Once the upload is complete, you can make changes or start flowing portraits onto pages. For instructions, please review Editing the Portrait Database or Flowing And Editing Portrait Flows

If this warning message appears, the index file is missing or doesn’t meet the necessary requirements indicated below:

  • The folder selected in the first step of the Portrait Upload Wizard should contain the index.
  • The index file MUST be named ‘index.txt’ not ‘PSPA.txt’ or ‘master.txt’.
  • The first three columns in the index file must be in this order: Volume Name, Folder name, and Image File Name.

Contact Pictavo Tech Support if help is needed by sending an email to answers@pictavo.com. Please attach the index file to the email.