Uploading Offline Orders

Tags: Dottie, Interactive Assistant

It’s common for schools to receive cash and check orders from parents (offline orders). These orders can be tracked outside of Pictavo (using our simple Excel Spreadsheet Template) and, when you’re ready, uploaded into the sales management section. Read on to see how easy the process is. 

From the Dashboard, click Sales and then Manage Sales.

Click the Upload Orders icon located in the Orders menu. 

Click Download our Spreadsheet Template to download an Excel spreadsheet created specifically for this project.

Open the spreadsheet and enter the order details. Each row should specify the order details for a single product. The columns with an asterisk (*) are required. Personalization is only required when a personalized yearbook has been purchased. 

Order ID – this separates orders so Pictavo can identify when a single order contains more than one product (see order #3 below).
Grade/Homeroom – this is pulled from the Grade/Homeroom list supplied via the Store Setup.
Products – contains a list of any products available for purchase. 

Save the spreadsheet to a location you will remember.

Once you have entered all order details, return to Manage Sales in Pictavo. Click the Upload Orders icon,  and then Select File to Upload button.

Select the file that contains the order information and click Open.

After you have selected the file, click the Upload button. The information from the Excel file will be uploaded into the online sales sheet.

Click the OK button to complete the process. The orders will appear at the bottom of the Orders list. These steps can be repeated as often as needed. However, a new order will be created for all data within the spreadsheet.

If the following warning message appears, potential causes are:

  • Details may be missing from the required columns for one or more orders. 
  • The Order Id can only contain numerical values. 
  • The Grade/Homeroom and Product Name selections must adhere to the options provided within the template.