Upload Photos

Photos can be uploaded in multiple ways: in the dedicated Manage Photos area, while working directly on pages, or with a simple drag and drop.

From Manage Photos

To upload photos without being on a page, go to Manage Photos from the Dashboard and open Candids.  

In this area, you will see any albums that have been created. To create a new album, select New Album.  

Give the album a name and press OK.  

To upload photos into a particular album, select the album which will appear bold and click Upload at the bottom the left panel.  

This opens the Photo Upload window. Choose My Computer or Google Drive, depending on where the images are stored. Pictavo supports JPG, TIF, PNG, PDF and HEIC files.

My Computer

Navigate to the folder containing the photos, select images and click Open. The photos will be loaded into the selected album.  

Google Drive

Select the Google Account where the images are stored or choose Use another account if the account isn’t listed.

Pictavo needs your permission to upload images from this Google Drive account, please click Allow.

Select the images to upload and click Select.

While in Manage Photos, you can also upload photos by dragging and dropping them directly from your computer to an album.  In a separate window, open the folder where photos are stored to drag and drop into Pictavo.

From Pages

Easily upload photos while working on a page by opening the Photos panel and selecting Candids
NOTE: You can also open up Manage My Photos to access the full photo management area from here by using the button at the bottom of the panel.

Create new albums by clicking on the New Album button.  

Give the album a name and press OK.  

Navigate to an album by clicking on it and upload photos into it by using the Upload button at the bottom of the Candids panel.  

This will open up the file chooser on your computer. Navigate to where the photos are stored, highlight them, then press Open.  

You can also place photos directly onto a page just by dragging and dropping them from your computer. In a separate window, open the folder where photos are stored to drag and drop onto a page in Pictavo.
Note: These photos will be uploaded to the Uncategorized album and can be organized after the upload is complete and the page is saved.

However you choose to upload, a loading bar will appear. Click OK when your photos have finished uploading.