Text Drop Shadow

To add a drop shadow to text, you will first need to add a text box to your page. If you are not familiar with how to do this please read All about Text

Select the text box containing the text that you want to add a drop shadow to and click Effects. Check the box next to Drop Shadow to enable this feature. 

Adjust the Drop Shadow options to your liking using the sliders.

• Change the drop shadow color to whatever color you’d like by using the Color Picker.
• Adjust the X-Distance to the left (negative) or the right (positive). The X-Distance moves the drop shadow laterally.
• Adjust the Y-Distance down (positive) or up (negative). The Y-Distance moves the drop shadow vertically.
• Increase or decrease the amount of blur based on what works well with your design!

NOTE: Drop Shadow can’t be added to a text box appearing on a Stock Cover unless it is already present.