Submitting Your Pages

In order to submit your pages for publishing, the cover and all pages must be approved. Not sure if your page status is approved? Check the ladder. The bar down the side of your page thumbnails will be blue if they are approved. If your view is set to Page View, the color status will appear as a dot next to the page number. (See the green arrows in the graphic below. All of the pages in this graphic are "approved".)

Once all pages have the approved status, click on the Submit button. 

If your cover has been submitted (necessary before page submission) and all your pages have approved (blue) status, you will see an active Submit Pages. 
If all pages aren't in an approved status, the Submit Pages button will not be active.


The submission process is a scrolling "form" that must be filled out completely in order to officially submit. 

Book Quantity: Verify the number of books ordered. You can change the quantity, but please be aware this can affect your final book price. 

Page Count & Project Specifications: Review the details within this section. If you notice discrepancies, contact your yearbook provider as these cannot be changed by you. 

Portrait Flow Verification: This section lists the names of individuals in which portraits were uploaded but were not flowed onto a page. Please review this list CAREFULLY. If someone is listed that should be flowed, scroll to the bottom of the form and choose cancel to back out of the submission process. 

Personalized Covers: This section reflects which personalization option was chosen at the time the cover was submitted.

If no personalization (None) was selected during cover submission, the options available for your cover type may still be selected. Please note, if adding a cover personalization option during page submission, it is recommended you contact your yearbook provider to discuss.
If a personalization option was selected during cover submission, this area is “grayed” out (disabled) and changes cannot be made. If a change is necessary, please contact your yearbook provider.

Appearing at the bottom of this section is the quantity for personalized covers. This quantity may be updated if necessary.

Autograph Pages: Autograph pages printed on uncoated paper stock, which makes them marker, pen and pencil friendly, may be added to your book. If you'd like to add them, check the box and then specify which stock set and position (location) you’d like them to appear in your book. 

Page Warning Review: If page warnings exist in your book, they will be listed here. If there are warnings you weren't already aware of and you'd like to review more closely, scroll down to the bottom of the form and cancel out of the submission process.

By continuing the submission process, you are confirming your acknowledgement of these warnings and approve to have the pages printed as is.

Final Page Submission: Please read through this section carefully. Enter the details needed for where your books will ship and select your school’s last day for the school year. Check the box at the bottom indicating you agree and accept the terms and conditions. Click Submit Pages. This will submit your pages for publishing. 

Pay special attention to the note about candid images above the terms and conditions check box. Candid images will be removed from Pictavo after you receive your books. Download and save any candid images you wish to keep.

You will receive a congratulations message indicating your project has been successfully submitted.  

If you have any questions or notice anything that needs to be changed after submitting your pages, please contact your yearbook provider.