Approving and Submitting Your Cover

Once you've designed and proofed your cover, it's time to approve and submit!

Only the project admin can approve and submit a cover, but any user can move a cover to 'Ready for Approval' status. Each status has a different color indicator. Ready for Approval will have a green indicator next to the cover thumbnail. In the image below, the indicator (blue status) on the right edge of the cover signifies that the cover has been approved.

To approve the cover, navigate to the Ladder, select the cover and click the Approve icon.

If a warning message pops up it means that the size of the cover was impacted by the addition or removal of pages within the book. Click OK to close the message and go to the cover to edit it. Select any object on the cover, click Lock  in the contextual menu to activate the Save button. Once you save, you can return to the Ladder to approve it.

Cover submission also happens in the Ladder. If the Submit icon shown below isn't visible, make sure nothing in the ladder is 'selected'.

When ready to submit, select Submit Cover. If for some reason you have changed your mind, click cancel in the upper left corner. You will also have the opportunity to cancel in a subsequent window. As a helpful reminder, the due date for the interior is displayed in the lower right.

Upon submission, be ready to answer some questions about your project's cover.

You'll need to estimate your final page count, even if it doesn’t match the number of pages currently in the book. You'll also need to confirm some basic book specs and choose any personalization options. Take note that some of the options available in this window have an extra cost associated with them and should be discussed with your yearbook provider if you have questions or would like to add them to your project. You'll need to scroll in order to see all of the information in the following screen.

By checking the box and submitting the cover you are indicating that the cover has been PROOFED for both spelling and layout as well as taking responsibility for the content of the cover. 

Congratulations! The cover has been submitted. If you have questions or need to make any changes after submitting, please reach out to your yearbook provider.