Sharing and Printing Pages

Being able to see your pages as a PDF or in print can be useful in the proofing process as well as give you a clearer vision of your final project. Use the share and print feature built into Pictavo to share pages with team members or school staff to assist with proofing.

The Share & Print button can be found in the bar across the top of the ladder–

as well as the bar across the top of the page design area (next to Help).

Once selected, you will see this screen.

Choose the page or pages you wish to share, as well as the quality.
NOTE: To share a practice design, go to the design space for the specific practice page or cover that will be shared and click the Share & Print button at the top right.

  • To view the general layout and design of pages or to check that names and faces are matched up, low resolution should work and files generate quicker than a high resolution PDF.
  • High resolution PDFs are useful when it’s necessary to see the quality or detail of an image.

Pictavo also offers the option of adding the page description to the PDF that generates or choose to create a list of descriptions only.

On the following screen choose to save to your device (the computer or tablet you’re currently working on) or send the page(s) via email. 


Choosing save to your device will generate PDFs to download and save to your device. 

Before generating a PDF, the following message will appear.  You may continue working while this task runs in the background.  Since a high resolution PDF is of higher quality, it takes a bit longer to generate. 

While the file is generating, this icon will appear in the top right showing that Pictavo is working on your PDFs.
Note: The more pages selected the longer it will take, but Pictavo will continue generating the PDFs even if you log out or close the browser.

Once completed, the icon in the top right will turn to a bright blue PDF button indicating you have a PDF to download. Click this button and choose PDF Downloads from the menu. 

Choose the PDF to download.
Note: PDFs will remain in your download center to retrieve at your convenience for approximately one week before they are removed automatically.

Once you have downloaded the file, click the file name in the bottom left corner to open. 
Note: The file can be printed after it has been downloaded.


This option will allow users to send a link to a PDF to the recipient of their choice. This option is recommended when sharing a large range of pages or high resolution PDFs as the PDFs created may be too large to email. 



This option will send a PDF file attached to an email.


The following steps (1 & 2) show how to add an email contact, select one or more people to email (3) and how to complete the Share via Email process (4 & 5).

  1. Click the Add button next to the field.
  2. Type the recipient’s email address in the field and click Add.
  3. Select the recipient and click OK. Any addresses previously shared with will remain here and can be selected whenever you’d like to share pages via email. 
  4. You have the option of including a personalized message so the person receiving the email understands where the files came from and if they are supposed to do anything with them (proof, approve, etc.). We suggest also requesting the task be finished by a certain date to keep your project on track!
  5. The recipient will receive an email similar to the image shown below.