Account & User Management

Topic: Getting Started

Creating a yearbook can be quite a task -- and sometimes trying to manage a group of "helpers" can be just as tough. Luckily, Pictavo has you covered! View your entire team, including other project admins, within Users & Groups.

Create permissions-based Groups and individual Users to keep a watchful eye on project progress and participation. Follow these steps to organize your team and make your job just a little easier!

To create a group, select New Group.


Create a group name, and select which permissions these members will have. Assign and un-assign users to a group in this window, too. Press Save to finish. 
Note: The permissions of Users that are assigned to a group will match the group permissions and appear uneditable when editing that individual account.

Whether a Group is created first or not, individual Users can be created at any time. Click the New User button.

Enter the new user’s name, email address and password. If a Group has already been created, this user can be assigned to it. If this user does not belong to a specific group or one hasn’t been created yet, leave them as Unassigned.

Select Next to continue.

Admins select user's specific permissions from any of the following categories:

A: Image Organization
B: Portrait Management
C: Page Creation
D: Coverage Reporting
E: Community Management

Click Next to continue.

Decide which pages this user will be allowed to work on.

A: The cover
B: To assign certain pages, enter them here. Example: 2-12,15,30-32
C: If the user will work on many pages, it may be quicker to “Select All” and deselect those not assigned.
D: Practice covers
E: Practice Pages

Press Save.

Click OK to finish.

Once the account is created, alert the user by sending an email. Select the user then click Send Message.

A default message appears—this can be edited before sending.

TIMESAVING TIP: Create all user accounts and then send one email to all selected users.
NOTE: An email is sent to the email address entered for the selected user(s). Replies will be sent to the email address entered when you logged into Pictavo.