Setting Up A Stock Cover

If you've chosen to use a Professionally-designed Pictavo cover (also called a Stock Cover), setting up your cover is as easy as dragging, dropping, typing and saving!

All of our professionally designed cover options are not only in your Inspiration Guide, but also in the cover brochure available for viewing and download here: Download 

Pictavo will automatically choose the correct size template for you based on the specifics of your project (like page number and binding type). The Stock Cover Library will be the only option for you to choose from inside the art palette.

All Stock Cover options will appear in your selection menu.

When you've decided on a style, simply drag the design onto your page.

You will be able to edit the school name and, in some instances, the year. 

The design team here at Pictavo has created cover templates with the fonts, type sizes and colors that complement the art of the cover. Some aspects of the text boxes are editable and Pictavo's contextual menus will only allow you to adjust those things.

Once you are satisfied with your edits, save and submit!

Take a minute (actually, LESS than a minute) to get the low-down on how easy it is to use a pre-designed stock cover within Pictavo!