Saving a Custom Snippet

You work hard creating layouts that are perfect for your yearbook. When you’ve found the perfect ‘look’ and know you’ll need to use parts of the layout again, save portions of a layout as a Snippets to use over and over!

To save a custom snippet, open the Art panel and click Snippets.

Select My Snippets.

Select the portion of your layout to be saved as a Snippet. There are a few ways to select multiple objects on your page. 

a. Hold down the shift key and click on each object you want included in your Snippet.

b. Click and drag a selection box over the objects to be included in your Snippet.

c. On touch screen devices, enable the multiple selection button to select objects.  Don't forget to disable it when you are done selecting! 

Click the 3 Horizontal Dots in the top right of My Snippets and click the Save button.

Next, name the snippets and press OK.

Your saved snippets will all be located under My Snippets as shown: