Rotating Images

Ever wonder why some photos turn sideways after uploading to Pictavo? Manufacturers of digital cameras and smartphones have added rotation sensors to detect which way the camera is held. When a picture is taken, a small piece of data is added to the file, noting which orientation the image should be in. Currently, this data is not read by Pictavo. Luckily, the fix is simple.

Rotating Candids

Go to Manage Photos and A) select the image then B) rotate clockwise or counter clockwise. 

If the image is already on a page, you can use the rotation tools in the contextual menu. 

Rotating Portraits

The portraits from the photographer typically follow the PSPA national guideline – indicated here. However, there may be a few students that missed picture day – leaving it up to you to snap a pic so they appear in the yearbook.


Go to the Portrait Database in the photo management area.

Select the Portrait and Copy to Candids.

You will receive this confirmation when the image has been copied.  Click OK.

Navigate to Candids in the photo management area.

The image will be in a folder called  Copied from Portraits. Select the image and rotate it clockwise or counter clockwise. 

Head out to the page this portrait appears on, select the portrait grid and click Edit.
If you need some help flowing portraits, you’ll find instructions here.

The contextual menu will change and an orange highlight will indicate which portrait is selected. Select the portrait you need to replace (with the portrait you recently rotated) and click Choose New Portrait.

A new window opens, allowing you to sift through your Candids.  The albums are listed in the column on the left or you can search by the file name. Select the replacement photo and click Choose.

Voila! The portrait has been changed. Don’t forget to Save your changes.