Revising a Submitted Ad

Ads can easily be sent back to the purchaser if changes need to be made. However, the ad will need to be re-submitted when it is complete.

Before sending an ad back to the purchaser to make revisions, take a moment to verify the ad size purchased is still “Available Online” within the Products area of Store Setup. If a check mark is not present, the purchaser will not be able to edit or re-submit the ad.

When deciding whether or not to send an ad back, keep the project deadline in mind. Consider telling the parent that it’s imperative for the ad to be submitted by the due date provided by you. This date is one that you choose and should be on or before the date that displays in the Dashboard. Providing an earlier due date to the parent ensures you have enough time to place the ad into the book. 

Access the Manage Photos area on the Dashboard and select Ads

Find the ad that needs to be revised, select it and click on the Send Back icon. Click OK to confirm sending the ad back to the purchaser for revisions.

After rejecting the ad, consider sending an ad reminder to the purchaser, if you aren’t already communicating with them, so they know what their next steps are. You’ll find instructions to send reminders here

If the ad is already on the page, it can still be sent back. It just needs to be removed from the page and then deleted from Candids – which doesn’t actually delete it, but alters the Copied to Candids status to Submitted. Then, follow the steps above.

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