Replacing Flowed Portraits

As you proof your portrait flows you may find that you need to replace a portrait – maybe the student was missing on picture day or maybe the portrait is low resolution. Whatever the cause, follow the steps below to replace a portrait that’s already been flowed onto a page.

You will need to upload the replacement photo to Candids. For more information about uploading and organizing images, take a look at the articles here or here. If your portraits have not been flowed, please refer to this article to replace portraits.

Navigate to the page the portrait appears on, select the portrait grid and click Edit.

The contextual menu will change and an orange highlight will indicate which portrait is selected. Select the portrait you need to replace and click Choose New Portrait.

A new window will open that looks very similar to the photo management area. Navigate the albums listed in the left column or search for the image, then select the replacement photo and click Choose.

Voila! The portrait has been changed. Don’t forget to Save your changes.