Get Social - Sell Books!

Topic: Tips & Tricks

How does your school communicate? Whatever the answer to that question is, that is also the answer to this question: How are you going to let people know how or where to purchase the yearbook?

Working directly with the communications and media manager at your school is going to be key. Find out how many avenues of communication the school takes advantage of. How many of these outlets are they willing to let you promote the yearbook on? How often? Take advantage of every opportunity they’re willing to allow, but keep in mind how important it is to keep your promotion fresh. Change your messaging seasonally, if not monthly. Always keep buyers informed about where they can make their purchase.

Does your school use social media? If so, check out the eye-catching social media sales graphics we’ve created just for Pictavo customers! Studies show that posts accompanied by a graphic generate more engagement, so we've created four seasonal and one "last chance" graphics to aid in promoting yearbook sales. Add details about WHEN and WHERE to purchase to your post and encourage shares—social media is one of the best ways to promote your yearbook!

Download graphics here:  Download