Private Pages

Private Pages are a great way to prevent the yearbook staff from seeing a secret or surprise page such as a dedication to a retiring teacher. Private pages can only be viewed and edited by project admins. 

To make a page private first go to the Ladder from the Dashboard or from a page in the book. 

Select the page(s) you wish to make private and click the Make Private icon. 

If users were assigned to a page before it was made private, they will no longer be able to view or edit the page. They will see this “hidden” icon instead of the content on the page. 

Project Admins can verify if a page is private by looking for the lock icon as shown below. 

Ladder view:

Page view & Page Flyout:

If a page no longer needs to be private, select the page and click the Make Private icon. Now, all yearbook staff can view the page design and users can be assigned to this page once again.