Practice Design Areas

Practice design areas are a special type of design space that can be added to your book. These practice areas can be used to learn the program, create different designs for the cover, or play around with multiple themes before the final theme is chosen. Practice design areas function exactly like the regular book, except that portraits can’t be flowed onto them and they won’t print when your book is submitted. 

To add practice pages to your book, open the Ladder from the Dashboard or from a page in the project. 

Then click on the Add Pages button. 

Choose the type of page that you would like to add. 

  1. Practice Covers – play around with cover designs or have a cover design contest. Save parts of your final design as Snippets to use on your cover, find details on saving Snippets here
  2. Practice Pages – offer a space to learn how to use the page design tools or begin working on several themes before choosing one. Save final designs as templates to be used on pages, find details on saving templates here
    Note: Practice pages are added as a spread; so adding 1 Practice Page will result in a left and right facing page. 
  3. Practice Inside Covers or End Sheets – will only appear when the Inside Cover or Endsheets are being customized in the printed book. Just like all the other practice areas, they offer the ability to design a variety of options before committing to a final design.
    Note: If you decide to enable Inside Cover Printing or Custom Endsheets from Project Settings on the Dashboard, please communicate this change with your yearbook provider as it may alter the final cost of your book. 

Fill in the number of pages you would like to add and click Add. This will add practice pages to the project, and you can navigate to them just like you would any other page. 
Note: Only ¼ of the book pages can be added as practice pages. For example, a project with a total 24 pages can add up to 6 practice page spreads.

To assign users to a practice design area, click Assign Users

Select the user or group from the list and click Next

Choose which practice areas this user should be able to edit and click Save

Now, any project admin or assigned user can get started by dragging art onto the design space. Just remember, these designs will not print unless they are moved to the final design spaces for the cover, inside cover, or endsheets (using Snippets) or the pages (using templates or Snippets).