PSPA: Portrait Database Format

The Professional School Photographer Association (PSPA) developed guidelines for formatting professional school portraits which most school photographers adhere to. This format allows images to be flowed onto the portrait pages. 

If your school’s portraits are not PSPA-formatted, don’t worry. Create a database following these guidelines:

  • Portrait image size 640 x 800 pixels (with 300 DPI)
  • Tab-delimited text file containing the following information in this order:
    1. Volume Name
    2. Folder Name
    3. Image File Name (e.g., img_1001.JPG or 0100.TIF)
    4. Grade
    5. Last Name
    6. First Name
    7. Teacher / Homeroom


  • Be sure to include the file extension in the Image File Name column. (jpg, tif, and png are supported portrait files). 
  • Please do NOT include a header row.
  • When packaging the files, the index should be one folder level above your files. See the example below.