Planning Your Pages

Before beginning to design pages, you first need to plan what content goes on which pages – this is the primary purpose of the Ladder. Color coding sections and adding descriptions under each page will help your team plan and stay organized.

To use the Ladder, click or tap the icon which is visible from both the Dashboard and the Page Design area.


Each page has a Description field that can be used to provide a brief description of exactly what content will appear on that page.

Ladder Sections allow you to name and color code various sections as well as assign topics or team members.

To create a new section, click on New Section in the left column of the Ladder.

In this window, enter the Section Title before proceeding to assign users, pages, and a section color.

Click Assign Pages to select which pages you would like to dedicate to this section. Select New Ladder Section to return to the previous screen to assign users or a color.

Click or tap Assign Users to give certain users specific pages to work on. Select New Ladder Section to return to the previous screen to assign pages or a color.

You will also be able to assign a Section Color which denotes assigned pages in a section. This helps to keep pages and tasks organized at a glance.

Once you are done, return to New Ladder Section and click Add to save the section.

Edit Sections at any time throughout the course of the project.

Everyone will be able to see, at a glance, what content is planned for each page.