Pictavo Community Setup Instructions

Pictavo Community is where parents, students and other community members can go to upload photos for consideration by the yearbook staff and purchase yearbooks, ads and other school products. Once Pictavo Community is set up, direct parents and students to commpe.pictavo.com to start uploading and purchasing.


By involving community members in the process of collecting photos, you will increase your coverage and sales.

Click or tap on Manage Photos (A), then the three dots (B) next to Shared Photos. Check the Shared Photos Enabled button (C) to allow community members to share their photos with you.

If you want to limit the number of photos each individual community member can submit or set a cutoff date for receiving them (default cutoff will be your book submission date), adjust the Shared Photos Settings (D, above). You can also choose whether you want community members to help identify who is in the photo. Removing the checkmark next to Shared Photos uploaded are required to identify who is in the photo by filling in “Who’s in your Photo?” will allow images to be uploaded without a student name (tag). If you are monitoring student coverage, you’ll want to tag the images later to ensure the coverage reporting is accurate.

To create albums for community members to upload photos into, click or tap on Shared Photos (1) and then New Album (2) to create as many albums as needed. Album names can range from events (e.g. Homecoming, Prom, etc.) to sports (e.g. Football, Girls Track, etc.) to grades and/or homerooms. 

If your albums are already created and named within the Candids area, don’t recreate them; go to Candids and copy the existing album structure.
NOTE: Only the main level albums will be copied to Shared Photos. Any sub-albums will not copy over.

1. Go to Candids
2. Click or tap the three dots next to New Album
3. Click or tap All Albums to Shared

The Dashboard will provide an overview of the contributions made from Pictavo Community and the status of shared photos and ads.

Once community members have uploaded photos, authorized yearbook staff members will find them within Shared Photos. Move any images that will be placed on a page into the desired album in the Candids area.

  1. Select the image(s)
  2. Click or tap the Move button

  3. Select a folder from the drop down list or create a new one and click OK. Sub-folders are identified with an indentation before the album name.

Be sure to get the word out that anyone can contribute photos for consideration in the yearbook. Flyers are available to help with promotion—check them out at the end of this article.


Pictavo Community helps you sell products online, offline or both. By entering offline sales into Pictavo, your team can easily track purchases and monitor sales goals.

To enable Pictavo Community Sales, go to Sales (1), then Store Setup (2) and click the check box next to Enable Pictavo Community Sales (3). 
NOTE: If you do not see Sales in the left navigation panel, please contact your yearbook provider and ask them to enable Pictavo Community.

You will receive two messages, shown below. Read each of them before proceeding to turn Pictavo Community on. Once Pictavo Community has been activated, a message indicating set up is complete will appear.


In the SCHOOL INFORMATION area, you will:

  • Indicate if you would like the required 5% service fee to be displayed to customers.
  • Create a menu of Grade or Homeroom options that purchasers will use when choosing a student recipient of any product(s) they buy.
  • Enter the address where the monthly reimbursement check will be sent for money collected through Pictavo Community.
  • Create Custom Discount Codes (if applicable) to be used by qualified purchasers.

We’ve got promotional materials to help you get the word out about selling yearbooks and accepting photo contributions. Choose those that align with your offering. 

Before logging out, take a minute to check out Manage Products for instructions to set up products to sell. Once your products are available online, you can take a peek at Manage Sales to track sales and collect data.