Pictavo Community Product Setup

Pictavo Community is where parents, students and other community members can go to upload photos for consideration by the yearbook staff and purchase yearbooks, ads and other school products. Once Pictavo Community is set up, direct parents and students to pictavocommunity.com to start uploading and purchasing.

To enable Pictavo Community Sales, go to Sales (1), then Store Setup (2) and click the check box next to Enable Pictavo Community Sales (3). 
Note: If you are a project admin and do not see Sales in the left navigation panel, please contact your yearbook provider and ask them about enabling Pictavo Community.

You will receive two messages shown below. Read each of them before enabling Pictavo Community Sales. 


Once Pictavo Community has been activated, a message confirming completed set up will appear. 

In the SCHOOL INFORMATION section, indicate if whether or not the Service Fee should be displayed in the purchaser’s cart. 

Create a menu of Grades or Homerooms that will aid in distributing purchased products. 

The money collected through Pictavo Community is reimbursed monthly. In this section, enter the address where the reimbursement check will be sent. 

If sales tax laws require Pictavo to collect and remit sales tax, it will be calculated upon checkout and based on the purchaser’s location. 

Create custom Discount Codes (if applicable) to be used by qualified purchasers. 

Click Save before exiting this area. If you forget, a message will appear as a reminder. 

Now navigate to Products and click Add Product in the top right corner of your page. 
NOTE: If your school has previously used Pictavo Community, products may already be listed. Click on the Edit icon to adjust the product (e.g., deadlines and pricing). 

Select the Product Category and the Product Type from the drop-down menus. 

Customize the product name, description and image, if you’d like. 

Choose a specific date for the Order Deadline or leave it as Date book is submitted
The Order Deadline Has Passed Message can be customized. This message appears when the deadline has passed and a product remains in the cart.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When a specific deadline is chosen, products will be available for purchase until 2 am central time on the date after the deadline expires. For example, a deadline of 3/24/2021 has been chosen. Purchases will continue to be made on 3/25/2021 through 2 am central time.

The Delivery Message is also customizable – parents appreciate knowing how and when their yearbook will be delivered.

The pricing equation offers two options to set the price: create the price based on what the customer pays before taxes or create the price based on what the school should receive per item. When communicating pricing to parents, share the price displayed in the Price in Cart and remind them that taxes may be added.
NOTE: The service fee covers credit card processing fees, as well as the maintenance, support, and upkeep of the site itself. It is 5% and assessed on all transactions that go through Pictavo Community. 

Create the price based on what the customer pays before taxes

• Enter the price of the product (before taxes) into the Price in Cart box.

• Pictavo will calculate the amount the school receives for each book sold.

• In the example below, the parent pays $25 (plus tax) for this product and the school receives $23.81 for each product sold. 

Create the price based on what the school should receive per item

• Enter the amount the school needs to receive for each book sold into the Amount Received box.

• Pictavo will calculate how much each parent will pay, before tax is added.

• In the example below, the school needs to receive $22 for this product and the parent pays $23.10 (plus tax). 

You can also set tiered pricing, but that will be covered in detail in another article. 

Determine the quantity that will be available for purchase. 
Entering a Maximum Quantity means the product will become “Out of Stock” if all quantity is sold. This is primarily useful when selling ads and there is limited pages or space that can be dedicated to them.
Selecting the Don’t limit the availability of this product check box means the products will never be out of stock. It is your responsibility to have enough product to fulfill these sales! 
Note: You can continue to sell some products after submitting. Before submitting, you must alter your deadline to a date after you submit. Make sure you adjust the quantity available so you don’t sell more books than the quantity you requested to be printed. 

Click Add Product…you’re almost done!  

Make the products available for purchase online; select the Available Online box in the far right column. Now you can begin selling. 

At any time, you can return to Products and edit these details by clicking the Edit icon to the left of the product. The same window that you are now familiar with will open – make any necessary changes and then click Update Product to save. Take a peek at Manage Sales to discover how to track sales and review orders. 

We’ve got promotional materials to help you get the word out about selling yearbooks and accepting photo contributions. Flyers are available in this article