Creating a New Portrait Group

You may find that you need to add a folder to the portrait database, maybe because a teacher was hired mid-year or a pre-K teacher has an AM and PM class. In order for a portrait to be moved to a new flow group or folder, you’ll need to go to the portrait database and find the portrait in question. 

Open the Photos panel, click Manage My Photos and choose Portrait Database. You can also get there from Manage Photos on the Dashboard. 


Pay close attention to how your portraits are sorted. This database is sorted by Homeroom. 
Note: You can tell how your portrait database is sorted by looking at the “Grade | Homeroom” text just above the list of portrait groups. Your portrait database is sorted by the one that appears blue. Click the text to change it, if you need it to sort by the alternate option. 

Select each of the portraits that will move into the new portrait group.
The Portrait Information opens in the lower portion of the Portraits panel.
Since the database is sorted by homeroom, we need to edit the homeroom field and type something descriptive that isn’t already used like “Douglas PM” to create a new group. Click OK

Pictavo will save the changes and move the portrait into the new homeroom folder (Douglas PM) in the portrait database. 
Note: If you don’t see the new folder, toggle to between grade and homeroom to determine whether you typed into the grade or homeroom field. 

Let’s update the previous group “Douglas” for the AM group. Select one portrait, click Select All and change the homeroom to “Douglas AM”. 

The next step would be to flow portraits. Find out more in one of the articles listed below.