Multiple Project Administrator

Multiple Project Administrator

If your role requires you to be the administrator of multiple projects, activation emails for each project will be sent. If one of your projects is missing an activation email, please contact your yearbook provider. 

An activation email will contain an activation link. Click the link to create your Pictavo account.

On the account activation screen, fill in the information requested, agree to the Terms of Use and then click Activate

When your email address is associated with a different project, you will receive the following message. 

Choose Add New Project to link the new project to your account. 
You can also select Use a different Email to return to the account activation screen and activate an account using a different email address.
Select Cancel to get to the Pictavo log in screen. 

Enter the password previously used, then Confirm & Add and you will be logged into the project that has just been activated. 
If you choose to Go Back you will return to the account activation screen. 

Navigating Between Projects

To navigate between your projects, click on the profile button in the upper right corner and choose Projects.

The PROJECTS window will open giving the option to move to another project. Select the project you’d like to be in and click OK to be taken to the project selected.

The next time you log in, you will be logged into the last project you were in. You can easily switch to other projects at any time, using the same method.