Moving Pages

Easily move pages within Pictavo using tools available in the Ladder.


Select the page or pages (selected pages will show a blue border) to move and click the Move button  in the blue bar across the top of the ladder.
Note: If you do not see the move button, please speak with your yearbook advisor.


Once the Move Pages window appears, enter the destination the page or pages will be moving to.

For example, if page 131 needs to become page 138, choose the location: Before and enter page 139, as shown, or choose the location: After and enter page 138.  Press OK and the page will be moved.  

Moving multiple pages works in exactly the same way. If pages 2-4 (shown below) should become pages 6-8, choose the location: After and type page 8 or the location: Before and type page 9.

While moving pages, you may come across the message shown below. This happens when moving an odd number of pages that would break a linked spread. Consider either moving an even number of pages, or identify the linked spreads, unlink them and then re-link pages when the move is complete.
Note: For help finding and unlinking spreads, check out the article about  linking pages.

This message may also appear when moving a page while other users are actively working in the book. There are two ways to resolve this 1) ask the person to save their work and then visit the Dashboard for a moment while pages are moved or 2) move two pages at once, selecting both pages of a linked spread allowing pages to be moved without interfering with pages that are being worked on­–as long as the spread being moved is not the same spread being worked on.
Note: If the user is on the spread that needs to be moved, they will need to leave the page designer for a moment.