Tracking Project Status

We know you want to keep a constant pulse on your yearbook. Pictavo offers a couple of ways for you to track the progress of your project. The Dashboard provides an “At a Glance” look at your project while the Ladder equips you with tools to track and monitor user logs. 

In the project status area, there is a cover and pages thermometer. There are 4 possible statuses and all are outlined below. 

Not Started (red) means that the design has not been started. 

In Progress or Rejected (yellow) means the design has been started, or the page was marked Ready for Approval and rejected by a project admin for additional edits to take place. Only a project admin can reject pages. 

Ready for Approval (green) means the page has been submitted to the project admin for approval. 

Approved (blue) means the page is DONE and can no longer be edited. Only a project admin can approve pages. 

Throughout your project, monitor your Project Specs (right hand column). The final page count and book quantity play an important role in yearbook production. If either of these numbers change, it is important to let your yearbook provider know as early as possible. 

Book quantity can be adjusted in Project Settings and page count can be adjusted by adding or deleting pages from the Ladder.
Note: make sure the total page count is always divisible by 4 (or 16 for Smyth sewn books)!

Monitor the number of books sold through Pictavo Community in the Sales area and take a few minutes to read our newest blog posts in Pictavo News. Don’t forget to take a peek at the Inspiration Gallery which links out to Pictavo Yearbook’s Pinterest boards– so much inspiration out there from layout inspiration to photography how-to’s. 

From the Ladder, review the status of your book, get a glimpse of user page assignment, track usage of individual pages, or export a full usage report. In Ladder view, you can find the status color bar near the outside of the cover or page. 

In Page view, the status will appear as a color-coded dot just below the thumbnail of the outside cover or page. 

The statuses that appear here are the same as the ones displayed in the Dashboard. In the Ladder, different levels of users are able to adjust the status of their pages as the project progresses. 

 Rejected (yellow) – A page that was marked Ready for Approval or Approved has been rejected for additional edits to take place. Only a project admin can reject a page. 

 Ready for Approval (green) – A page that has been submitted to the project admin for approval. 

 Approved (blue) – A page has been approved and can no longer be edited. Only a project admin can approve a page. 

Near each thumbnail of the Ladder view, there is a list of users assigned to that page. Below the thumbnail preview the date and time that page was edited and by whom is displayed. 

 Dive into more details in the Usage & Tracking button, just keep in mind that the data here is updated once daily. Don’t have time to review now – Export this report to review later.