Marking Pages Ready For Approval

What is Ready For Approval?

The Ready For Approval status means a page (or pages) have been finished and the person working on them would like the Admin (or Adviser) to approve the pages before submitting the book. The Admin has the option of approving or rejecting a page (or pages). 

Where do I mark a page Ready For Approval?

Marking pages Ready For Approval happens in the Ladder (as does any approval or rejection of pages and submission).  

Note: If you are the adviser or admin of the book, then it is not necessary to mark pages ready for approval.  However, all pages must be approved, before the book can be submitted for publishing.  


How do I mark a page Ready For Approval?

Go to the Ladder. Your pages will likely have a status indicator of In Progress (yellow bars shown below). 

Select the pages you'd like to mark Ready For Approval. Selected pages will have a blue outline to indicate they are active. The check-mark icon in the tool bar is the Ready For Approval icon.

Once you've marked a page or spread Ready For Approval, you'll get a pop-up window warning that you cannot undo the action.

Once you've clicked 'yes', your pages will have a new status: Ready For Approval (green bars). Your Admin now knows to check over these pages.