Managing Sales

Once Pictavo Community is set up, order tracking is simple through the sales management area of Pictavo. This area will show an overview of any products sold so far, encourage staffs to set a sales goal, sort sales made, allow addition of offline sales, as well as provide an export feature.

To navigate to Manage Sales click on the Sales tab on the left hand side of the Dashboard and select Manage Sales.

To set a sales goal, type a number into the sales goal box and click Go!

Keep tabs on this goal in the Dashboard.

The Current Sales Totals section appears at the very top of Manage Sales and provides a brief overview of the total orders, quantity of each product sold, total orders placed this week and number of orders placed today.  The Products section gives a more detailed overview displaying a product list organized by payment method.  This shows quantity sold and total sales for each product.

In the bottom half of the Sales Management area, view individual orders placed online, add new orders, or edit existing orders.

Sheet 1 and Sheet 2, found at the top left of the image above, contain different sets of information about each order. The information displayed on each sheet can be adjusted under Settings.

To search for a specific order, type any known, specific detail for an order into the search bar.

Use the filter to view only the orders that align with your selection. Filter by product, payment method, grade/homeroom, or order date.  Then, narrow down the search by choosing a product type, payment type, specify a grade/homeroom, or date range. 

To edit an order, select by placing a check mark in the box on the left side of the order and click the Edit button to open a window containing the specified order.

This window will allow you to edit details of the order or add notes for sales tracking purposes.  

To add an offline sale, select Add Sale (plus sign).

The Add An Order window will open allowing you to enter details about the offline order.  When finished adding information, click Add Order and it will be added to the orders in your management area.   

When it’s time to hand out yearbooks, export a sales list from Pictavo to keep distribution day organized. Click the Export button to download your orders as an Excel spreadsheet. 

Downloading a receipt is easy. Select an order and click Download Invoice. A PDF file containing the details of the order will download to your computer. Simply attach the PDF to your email and send.