Managing Products

Pictavo Community allows your school to create and manage various products in an online storefront. If Pictavo Community is not currently enabled or you have not filled out the school information form, please take a moment to do so. For help on enabling and setting up community, read this article.

To access your products, open Sales and then choose Store Setup.  

In Products there will be 4 product types: Yearbooks, Recognition Ads, Business Ads, and Other.  

Click Add Product in the top right corner of your page to add a new product.  
NOTE: If your school has previously used Pictavo Community, you may see products listed already. Click Edit  to adjust the deadlines and pricing instead of the Add Product button.

Select the Product Category and the Product Type from the drop-down menus.  You can also customize the name and description of the product.  

Choose a specific date for the Order Deadline or leave it as Date book is submitted.  The products will be available for purchase through the date you choose, as long as there is enough quantity to continue selling. 

The Order Deadline Has Passed Message appears when the deadline has passed and a product remains in the cart – you can leave it as is or customize this message. 

The Delivery Message is also customizable– parents appreciate knowing how and when their yearbook will be delivered.


The pricing equation offers two options to set the price: administrators are allowed to create the price based on what the customer is charged per item or create the price based on what the school should receive per item.
Note: The service fee covers credit card processing fees, as well as the maintenance, support, and upkeep of the site itself.  It is 5% and assessed on all transactions that go through Pictavo Community.

Create the price based on what the customer is charged per item

  • When this option is chosen, you will enter the price of the product (before taxes). This is likely a price that was communicated on a flyer.
  • Pictavo will do the math to determine the amount the school receives for each book sold.
  • In the example below, the parent pays $25 (plus tax) for the yearbook and the school recieves $23.81 for each yearbook sold.

Create the price based on what the school should receive per item

  • When this option is chosen, enter the amount the school needs to receive for each book sold. This is likely the same amount that the school is being charged per book.
  • Pictavo will do the math to determine how much each parent will pay as they check out, before tax is added.
  • In the example below, the school needs to receive $22 for each yearbook and the parent pays $23.10 (plus tax).


You can also set tiered pricing, but that will be covered in detail in another article.

Set a Maximum Quantity which means the product will become “Out of Stock” if all quantity is sold.  This is primarily useful when selling ads and there are limited pages/space that can be dedicated to them.  When you select the check box Don’t limit the availability of this product then products will never be out of stock, but the responsibility is yours to have enough product to fulfill these sales!
Note: You can continue to sell some products after submitting, but you must alter your deadline to a date after you submit. Make sure you adjust the quantity available so you don’t sell more books than the quantity you requested to be printed.

Click Add Product…you’re almost done. Only a few more details!  


Make the products available for purchase online; select the Available Online box in the far right column. Now you can begin selling.

At any time, you can return here and edit the product details by clicking the edit icon to the immediate left of the product. The same window that you are now familiar with will open – make any necessary changes and then click Update Product to save.  


Direct parents and students to to begin shopping.