Managing Ads

You’ll find Ads purchased through Pictavo Community within Manage Photos

When an ad is purchased, a thumbnail will serve as a placeholder for that ad on the ad management screen. There are four ad statuses:

  1. Not Yet Submitted – the ad has been purchased but not submitted.
  2. No High Res Images – the ad has been submitted recently and a high resolution file is generating.
    Note: This will also appear if you edit and save an ad that has already been submitted since Pictavo will need to generate a new high-res image.
  3. Submitted – a high-res file has been generated and the ad can be moved to Candids.
  4. Copied to Candids – the ad has been moved to Candids.

Pictavo automatically organizes ads into albums by size (e.g., full page, half page, quarter page, eighth page) and type (e.g., recognition or business). If you are looking for a specific ad, use the search feature and search by student name or business name.

Once an ad is selected, a blue tool bar appears at the top of the ad management area. The options available vary depending on the status of the ad. 

  1. Ad Status = Not Yet Submitted
    1. Send a reminder to the purchaser to proof and submit the ad
    2. Edit the ad and submit it for the parent (if needed)
    3. Preview the ad (the preview will be low-resolution)

  1. Ad Status = Submitted or No High Res Images
    1. Send the ad back to the purchaser to make additional changes
    2. Edit the ad which will then generate a new high-res file
    3. Download the ad
    4. Preview the ad (the preview will be low-resolution)
    5. Move the ad to Candids
      Note: an error message will pop up when you try to move an ad to Candids that has a status of No High Res Images.

  1. Ad Status = Copied to Candids,
    1. Download the ad
    2. Preview the ad (the preview will be low-resolution)

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