Linking Pages

Pictavo will automatically assume that you'd like to view your pages in "spreads" to help you envision what your physical book is going to look like. Even though you're viewing a 'spread', pages will not be linked. 

When should pages be linked? 

It is only necessary to link pages when art and photos cross the center of both pages. 

To link pages, drag and drop any element onto your page. 

Move the object to the center of the page near the gutter (yellow shaded area) to trigger the link icon to appear in the contextual menu. 
NOTE: After adding a two-page background, the contextual menu will immediately give you the option of linking using the icon circled below. 

If this project will be a hard bound book, you’ll see the message below. Pay close attention to the design and avoid losing important elements such as text or the focus of an image in the binding. 

Now that the pages are linked, the gutter that was once present is replaced with a single green line. 

To unlink pages, select any object on the page and click the BLUE Link icon. If your spread is empty, place anything onto the page and the link icon will be present in the contextual menu. 

You’ll know the pages are no longer linked when the gutter or yellow bleed area appears between the pages.