Learn About The Ladder

The Ladder is a great organizational tool. There are functions in the Ladder you'll want to take advantage of to keep your project organized from Day 1!

At the top of the left panel, you’ll find Ladder Sections which categorizes pages. The quick navigation panel, below the Ladder Sections, allows users to quickly jump to a page at the end of the book with a single click and even displays the section color.

Assign pages, users or groups, and a color to a New Section (A).  Edit a section by clicking the Edit (B) icon.

You will notice you have buttons along the top menu bar.

A: Filter pages to view only the pages you want to see.

• Sort by assigned users or groups, page status, or sections.

B: Use the Add Page icon to increase page count.

• Choose page type, quantity and position of new pages. Click Add to finish.

C: With the Usage & Tracking icon, track how much time is spent working any part of your book along with who’s doing the work, or download a full usage report.

• Click on a page to see who worked on it, saved it last and how long they were on the page.

D: If you’d like to assign a user to work on a specific page, use the Assign User button.

• To assign a user, just check the box to the right of the user name and click Next.

• Select which pages you’d like the user to work on and click Save to finish.

E: Use Share & Print to send pages via email to staff to aid in the proofing process. To print pages, generate a PDF file, download and send to your personal printer.

• First, choose what to share.

• Then choose how to share it.

F: Adjust the size of the page preview using Zoom.

G: Use Full Screen Preview to flip through the pages of your book. Click Esc on your keyboard to exit the preview.

H: Organize the Ladder by list (ladder view) or grid (page view) and Pictavo will remember your preference.

• Page View:

• Ladder View:

I: Submit will display one of two messages that vary depending on the status of your book.

• This message indicates you need to adjust the status of the cover and/or pages in order to submit. 

• After approving cover and/or pages, you can Submit Your Project for publishing.

Once a page, pages or cover are selected, the tools available in the blue bar update to a different set. Note that you can only select one page/spread or cover at a time.

A: Edit takes you to the design space of the selected cover or page.

B: Review when the last save took place, last login, and time spent working on the selected page with Usage & Tracking.

C: From the Ladder, you can also move pages. To do this, select at least one page or spread, then click the Move button.

• You may now enter where you’d like the page moved. Click OK to finish.

D: Change the status of the cover or pages

• Users can mark parts of the book as “Ready for Approval”  and the Project Admin can reject (thumbs down) or approve the design (thumbs up).

• Each page has a status indicator: Page view displays a colored dot while List view displays a color bar.

E: Once made private, Private pages can only be viewed by project admins or users that are assigned.

F: If you’d like to delete a page or spread, select the specific pages and then press the red Delete button.

• To avoid accidentally deleting a page, Pictavo will give you this message to confirm your decision. If you’d like to delete the page, click OK. This process may take a few minutes as it adjusts your ladder and will likely reflow the pages that remain in your book.