Image Resolution

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One of the many benefits of Pictavo is its ability to alert users when a photo or design element does not meet standard print resolution. The two main causes for not meeting standard print resolution are:

  1. Enlarging an element which in turn reduces its quality
  2. Uploading a low quality image (e.g., a web image or a small file from a mobile device)

When Pictavo detects either of these situations, a red frame with an exclamation point in the top left corner, will appear around the element. Click on the warning icon for more information.

To view an image’s DPI, or resolution, select the element and click the PROPERTIES icon (1). At the bottom of the menu, both the file name and DPI appear (2).


If the resolution warning frame appeared after resizing the element or photo (i.e., stretching it larger), decrease the size of the element until the warning disappears.

If the resolution warning appeared after dragging the photo onto the page, the image was of low quality to begin with. If the image was resized in a photo editing software, before it was uploaded, go back to the original file to determine if there is an option for less compression. If the uploaded photo is the only version, either re-take the photo if that's an option, or leave it as is and accept the image will print at a lesser quality. 

TIP: Use the Share button to generate a high resolution PDF of the page to get a better idea of how the image will look when your book is printed. Find instructions click here.