Using Colorable Art

Pictavo's art libraries are loaded with pieces of colorable art for you to use on your pages. Apply any of Pictavo's colors to any of these elements to complete your layouts in a way only colorable artwork can!

It's easy to spot Colorable Art in an art menu. There will always be a little color wheel to indicate what elements are colorable.

Add Colorable Art to your page just like any other element: drag and drop. Colorable Art will always appear black when dropped onto your page. The Effects menu will automatically open so you can easily choose whatever color you'd like this element to be.

If you choose to change the color later, click the Colorize box to open to Pictavo's color menu.

Not only can you choose a color, but the saturation and lightness or darkness of the color can be adjusted here, as well.

Once you've chosen a color, your design element will turn to this color. If you plan to use it again later, save the color to your Saved Color library by clicking the addition symbol (found at the end of any colors you've already saved -- see the image above).
Note: Only Project Admins can manage Project Saved Colors which are available for all users.