Finding and Placing Art on a Page

Using one of Pictavo's Art collections is a great way to create a professional-looking book especially if you have little time or design experience. Our Inspiration Guide is a good place to check out all of our Art collections. Download a digital copy HERE.

There are three methods for locating art: Collections, Albums and Search. No matter which method is used, you will first need to open the Art panel. 


Click on Collections and all of Pictavo’s Art Collections will be listed. Select the collection you wish to view.


Click Expand All or click on a specific art category and scroll through all the elements of the collection.

Click on the art element and drag-and-drop it onto a page.


All art is divided by category into albums: Backgrounds, Templates, Snippets and Accents. Each album features a library which contains all artwork organized by collection. Shapes and Photo Boxes do not feature a library but instead contain generic art which could be used with any Art Collection. Click on Backgrounds. 

Now click on the Backgrounds Library

Within the Backgrounds Library, artwork is organized by Art Collection title. Click or tap on a collection and navigate by scrolling. 

Drag and drop to place a background on a page or to replace a background already on a page.
Note: When you drag a background on to a page, it is the bottom-most layer and sized to the correct page dimensions.  


Select the Search icon (magnifying glass) at the top of the Art panel. You can search by Art Collection title, name of the art file or by key word (e.g., “basketball”.)

For this example, let’s search by the key word “learning”. Start by typing it in to the search bar and click Enter or select one of the suggested search terms, to narrow the search results. 

Results are organized by art category. Click the category to reveal art matching the searched term.

Scroll through the artwork until you find a suitable piece. Drag and drop it on to the page.  

Easily identify a piece of art for reference or use later by marking it as a Favorite (heart icon). 

Find items you have “favorited” in the Favorites album.