HELPFUL HANDOUT: Designing an Ad in Pictavo Community

Topic: Tips & Tricks

As the project admin, you are likely to get calls from parents that need assistance in designing their ad. Parents can go to to find instructions that aid in designing their ad. They can also reach out to Pictavo Technical Support at 800-290-0036 or

After purchasing an ad from your school on Pictavo Community, it’s time to design it! 

Log in to Pictavo Community and find the purchased ad in Design.
NOTE: Immediately after logging in, the message below will display to aid in the next steps. Click OK to dismiss it. 

Click Design or Edit or Submit to upload images for your ad and begin designing it. 

Once in the ad design area, click the Art icon to view Pictavo’s art selection. 

Most people find it easiest to start with a pre-designed template they can customize with their own photos and words. Click on the Templates album to see a preview of the designs available. Select your favorite and drag it on to the design space. 

To add your own text, select a text box and begin typing. Change the font style, size and color to make your design unique. Edit the color, size and location of accent graphics by selecting and choosing from design options. Add photos by dragging and dropping them from your computer into a photo box or finding and uploading them in the Photos area. You can also modify the design by adding, moving and sizing text, art and photos on the page. 

Create your own ad by adding text and photos and using Pictavo’s creative backgrounds and accents for a one-of-a-kind look.

Save your work periodically by pressing Save. After each save, continue working or log out and come back later. Once finished, click Send to Yearbook.

Pictavo will ask you to confirm that you really do want to submit your ad to the yearbook staff and confirm you’ve reviewed your ad thoroughly since changes cannot be made after submitting.

You will receive confirmation that your ad has been sent to the school, reference it in the Design area from now on.