Get To Know The Dashboard

The Dashboard is a vital part of Pictavo. Read on to learn about each section as well as the tools, resources and shortcuts available—all to help keep your project on track and submitted on time! 

Project Status Thermometers – Quickly get an "at-a-glance" status of your project’s progress. As the cover, endsheets and pages are worked on and submitted, the colors of the thermometers will change to reflect the following:

  • Red – Not Started
  • Yellow – In Progress
  • Green – Ready for Admin Approval
  • Blue – Approved

Customize Content Blocks – Certain elements of the Dashboard can be repositioned. Click here for instructions. 

Cover & Pages Due Date Countdown Clocks – Yeah, we know deadlines are no fun, but we’ve sorta made it fun with our countdown clocks! Tip… if you don’t want them to show, click on the arrow to collapse and only the due date will show. 

Project Specs – Basic details of your project. If something doesn’t look right, be sure to contact your yearbook provider. If you don’t want to see the detail, click the arrow to collapse. 

Pictavo News – Throughout the year, our marketing folks share blog posts—we share them here for easy accessibility. If you prefer not to display the articles, click the arrow to collapse. 

Tasks – If you like to make lists this one’s for you. Assign tasks to yourself or other users to ensure things get done. Again, if you prefer not to display tasks, click the arrow to collapse. 

Coverage Tracker – The Coverage tracker is a useful monitoring tool to help ensure every student is represented equally throughout the book. A good rule of thumb is to feature each student in the yearbook a minimum of two times, but you can set whatever goal you’d like. In order for Pictavo to track coverage, candid photos must be tagged. To ensure you experience the benefits of the Coverage tracker, click here for more details. 

Calendar – Events and tasks created by staff appear here. 

Inspiration Gallery – Who doesn’t love a little inspiration? Our marketing folks pin all sorts of great things to our Pictavo Yearbook Inspiration boards on Pinterest. We hope you check them out! 

Now, let’s review the icons featured on the Dashboard’s left side.

Ladder – think of this as the “blue print” for your yearbook. Add page descriptions, color-code sections for visual clarity and assign specific pages to people.

Design – navigate to your cover and pages from this icon so you can start the design process. Click on the icon to display its dropdown menu.

Calendar – schedule events and assign tasks.

Manage Photos – upload, organize, rename, rotate, delete and all happens here.

My Art – store your custom artwork here.

Users & Groups – Project Admins create user accounts and then assign certain permissions, pages and/or groups to these users.

Student Roster – upload your school’s student roster. This will help you track coverage and create an index for your book if it includes one.

Project Settings – Project Admins have the ability to change certain project specs (e.g., cover type, quantity).


The final items to review on the Dashboard are the two icons located in the upper-right corner. 

Profile – update name, email address, upload a photo and create a new password

News & Alerts – takes the user back to the Dashboard to view Pictavo News

Tasks – access tasks assigned specifically to you

Projects – allows Project Admins to navigate between projects

Support – displays Pictavo Support contact information as well as access to Pictavo Terms of Use

Log Out – when you’re finished with a Pictavo work session, we strongly recommend logging out

Next to the Profile icon is Pictavo Help where you’ll find a wealth of information on how to use Pictavo as well as access to kit materials and other helpful resources.