Get To Know The Dashboard

Each time a user logs in to Pictavo, they will land on the Dashboard. Since you'll see it so frequently, it's important to become familiar with what it is you're looking at. Let's learn more about each area and what tools, resources and shortcuts are available here.

The graphic below detail the different areas of the main Dashboard.

A: Project Status Thermometers - see and "at-a-glance" status of project progress
     Red means “not in progress”, yellow means “in progress”, green means “ready for admin approval” and blue means “approved”.
B: Due Date Countdown Clock
C: Project Specs - basic details of your project
D: Pictavo News - new Pictavo blog posts appear here
E: Coverage Tracker - keep an eye on student coverage as you build your yearbook
F: Calendar - Events and tasks created by staff appear here
G: Inspiration Gallery - links to Pictavo Yearbook Inspiration boards on Pinterest
H: Tasks - user specific tasks

Bonus: These small arrows can collapse menus to keep things feeling a little more organized - sometimes less is more. 

The menu down the left column of your screen is, essentially, how you navigate away from the Dashboard. 

A: The Ladder is used for organizational work, including assigning pages to people, adding page descriptions and color coding sections.
B: The Design menu is where you’ll start actually designing the pages. If you click on Design, a dropdown menu will appear and you’ll navigate to your pages or your cover.
C: All of your scheduled events and task assigning will take place in the Calendar.
D: Manage Photos is where you’ll do just that - uploading, organizing into albums, renaming, rotating, all happens here. 
E: If you’d like to upload backgrounds or accents you've created to use in your book, start in My Art.
F: Users and Groups is where an Admin would create user accounts and assign permissions, pages and/or groups to these users.
G: In the Student Database section, you can upload your student roster. This will help you track coverage and possibly create an index for your book.
H: The Project Settings is where an advisor or admininstrator would change project specs.

The Profile menu allows you to make basic account changes on your profile, see news and alerts, tasks, and contact Pictavo support.

Enjoy a 4-minute guided tour of everything the Dashboard has to offer: