Get to Know Art

What is art? Backgrounds, Snippets, Accents and Templates. Basically, anything that Pictavo’s design team put together to help make your design process easier is what we call Art. 

What is art? Where does it live? How do I use it? What's an Inspiration Guide? All of these questions (and more!) are answered in this 7-minute video

To access all of the art libraries, first click on the Art icon. 

In this menu, you'll see all the types of art available within Pictavo. First on the list: Backgrounds

In the Backgrounds menu, you'll find a few things:

  1. The Library contains everything that has been professionally designed by us and loaded to Pictavo for your use. 
  2. Anything that you design and upload into Pictavo, will be located in the User Upload album. 
  3. The Colorable album within the Backgrounds menu is a shortcut to all colorable backgrounds - the most flexible art we offer allowing you to apply any color to any colorable piece. 
  4. Favorites contains any backgrounds that you’ve selected as a favorite. 

Now for Templates

The Templates menu is very similar to the Backgrounds Menu. 

  1. Everything designed by our team of Pictavo designers is located in the Library
  2. My Templates is for templates designed and saved by you or your staff.
  3. Any templates you have "favorite-d" will be here, in the Favorites album. 

Now that you're getting a feel for how we organize things, we'll introduce you to the other areas of the Art menu:

  1. Snippets are a type of mini template that are great for swapping out sections of a template in order to fit your design needs better. 
  2. Accents are pieces of art designed to complement your page designs. 
  3. Drop a basic, colorable shape onto your page to use as a design element.
  4. Photo Boxes are shapes that hold photos. Your photo will be cropped into the shape of the photo box you've selected. 
  5. From the Colorable shortcut on the main Art level, you can access ALL colorable backgrounds and accents. 
  6. Again, since this is the main Art level, any art that you've added as a favorite will be placed in its respective album within the Favorites shortcut. 
  7. Exclusive art is made available by your yearbook provider. However, this folder may be empty if they aren’t offering custom artwork. 
  8. Collections is the easiest way to navigate and view all pieces of artwork within each collection. 

Review the Inspiration Guide you received in your kit. It is filled with examples and tips for using art collections. 

The K-8 Inspiration Guide (view or download HERE), outlines how to lay out pages in Pictavo and provides an overview of the art collections designed for pre-school through junior high. 

The High School Inspiration Guide includes ideas for yearbook class discussions, tips on using art collections, and also serves as a template and Snippet catalog. Find the High School Inspiration Guide HERE