Flowing Portraits Over Multiple Pages

With Pictavo’s sophisticated portrait flowing system, your portrait pages will be easier and faster than ever to design. There are two ways to flow portraits across multiple pages. If you would like a more customized look from page to page or will be using a Pictavo template, then you’ll want to flow portraits onto each page individually. The fastest way is to create a uniform look from page to page.

Grids Already on the Page

Pictavo makes it easy to design portrait pages at any time, even before receiving your school’s portraits from your photographer! Many of the pre-designed templates in Pictavo already have portrait grids in the layout. 

Simply place a portrait grid on your page (Click the Add Portrait Grid icon ) and adjust its size and style to fit your needs.

Treat these grids the same as you would a grid that you placed yourself. Select the grid, click Choose Flow Group and select the group of portraits for each grid until you’ve flowed all portraits!

Grids Placed while Flowing

Simply place the first portrait grid onto a page and Pictavo will place a new grid onto the following pages until the entire group is flowed using the same grid settings (just without the spaces).

Click the Add Portrait Grid icon  to add an empty portrait grid to the page currently being worked on.


Use the Portrait Grid Settings menu to change rows, columns, name placement and spacing as you wish.

If you want to use the same grid design on future pages for other groups, check the box next to Remember My Changes for Future Portrait Flows.

To change the font, size, and color of your text and specify the order of portrait names to appear, click on Portrait Text Settings. To apply these settings to all future portrait grids you create, click on Remember My Changes for Future Portrait Flows.

You can also add borders and drop shadows to portraits using the Effects palette and change the shape of all portraits in a grid by dragging and dropping a shape on it.  

Click Choose Flow Group and select a group (grade or homeroom) to be flowed in the grid.

You’ll need to expand the Change Flow Order section to adjust the remaining portrait flow options as needed. 

Place a checkmark near Include Teacher and any other roles that need to be flowed with this group.
NOTE: When “Before Students” is chosen, the roles will flow in this order: Principal, Administration, Teacher, Assistant, and Student. When “After…” is chosen, this order is reversed.

Select the Flow this entire group to multiple pages check box and click Flow Portraits. A Portrait Save Warning will let you know that the page will need to be saved first and that you will not be able to undo any previous edits. 


After portraits are flowed onto the pages, make sure you look at them for accuracy. Are any names misspelled? If so, double click on the portrait to see the Edit Portraits menu and correct the spelling.  

Important Note: If you are creating spaces (subtraction button above) within a group that has already been flowed, click Reflow This Groups Portraits button in the Portrait Grid menu, and the portraits that were removed from this grid will be reflowed accordingly.

If you notice a student is incorrectly placed on the page or is a duplicate, go to the Portrait Database (2) (open Manage My Photos (1) found in the Photo panel) change their flow group or delete the duplicate. The page will then reflect the changes without having to reflow all of the portraits.