Flowing an Index

The index is made up of student names that appear in your book.  To find out what Pictavo needs to help you gather that data, please check out these helpful articles: here and here.

Adding an index of names is typically the final step in completing your yearbook. Before flowing the index onto a page, navigate to the Student Roster and review the entries for duplicates or misspellings.

Click the A) Show Possible Duplicates checkbox to help identify duplicates, B) select duplicate entries and C) Merge into a single entry. 

Select a name from the dropdown list and click Merge.

Correct misspellings by A) selecting an entry and then B) clicking on Edit.

The window below will open allowing you to edit the entry.

Once you have verified the student entries for accuracy, the next step is to flow the index onto a page. You can do this from the Student Roster or from pages.  In the Student Roster, click on the Export button (1) and then select Generate an Index (2).

Select the page where the index should begin and click Navigate to.

OR, from the page designer, navigate to the page you would like to start your index on, click Photos (1) on the left and then Index (2).

The index flow options will open in the window, as shown below.

As you adjust these settings, the preview will update to reflect the changes. Let’s break down the index flow options:

Flow by

  • Flowing One Page at a Time allows you to design each page of the flow uniquely.
  • Flowing Multiple Pages at once saves time and creates a uniform look from page to page.


  • Specify how many columns of names should appear on each page.

Divider – a letter dividing sections of last names

  • Place a checkmark in the box to enable this feature.
  • Adjust the font style, color (black or white), and size to customize the appearance of the index.

Text Option

  • Adjust the font style, color (black or white), and size of the indexed student names.

Name Order

  • The names are always sorted alphabetically by last name.
  • Alter how the names display.

Leader Lines

  • Choose whether or not to display Ellipses – dots connecting the names to the page number they appear on.


  • Mirror Left Right will mirror the layout of the left page onto the right. This is most noticeable when adding spaces, as shown above.
  • Create empty space by clicking and dragging on the preview area. Use this space for photos or other design elements.
  • Navigate a multiple page index flow using the tools below the preview.
  • Resize the space by grabbing the corners and dragging. The box will always fill an entire column.
  • Adjust the placement by dragging the box/space on the preview, as shown below.

Click Finish when completed.

Your index will be flowed onto the page(s) that were selected.