Editing Your Portrait Database

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If you need to make an edit to your portrait database after you’ve already uploaded it, go into the Photos menu and click Manage My Photos at the bottom of the menu. 

Select Portrait Database

To add a person to the database, make sure no other portrait is selected, then click the Add New Portrait icon. A placeholder appears in the portrait database. 

At this point, you can enter the individual’s information or change the portrait. Let’s start with entering the portrait detail. Special characters, such as á, ñ, ö, can be entered into the portrait information. Next, click on the Change Portrait button. 

By default, Pictavo offers a variety of No Photo Available options. Select the Upload icon in the upper right corner to upload an image from your computer. Select the image and click the Choose Photo button to confirm. 

Always remember to look at existing portrait flows to ensure nothing unexpected has changed!

Pictavo offers quite a few tools to help make edits quick and easy. 

A: Select the portrait that needs to be modified. You’ll notice a blue “selection” outline around the image. 
B: Details for the selected portrait will show up in the Portrait Information section. You may edit the individual’s name, title, grade, homeroom or teacher and role. Once you’re finished editing, click OK
C: If you’d like to use the portrait in your candids, click Copy to Candids.
D: If you’d like to see a larger preview of the portrait, click on the Preview icon.
E: Should you need to move this portrait to a different group, select the Move icon and move it accordingly.
F: To duplicate this portrait into another group, choose a group from the ‘Duplicate to’ dropdown menu and click the Duplicate button. 

If you need to edit multiple portraits, click or tap on each photo to select it.

In the event that you select a portrait that wasn't supposed to be selected, just click or tap again to deselect. The blue "selection" outline and check box will no longer be present. 

With multiple photos selected, you’re not able to modify names, but you can change the courtesy title, title, grade, teacher/homeroom or role. You can also copy to candids, move and delete if needed. 

You may see a small number at the top right of the portrait. This indicates the page in which the photo has been placed. If you click on the page number, you will be taken directly to that page.