Page Design Tools

The Page Design Settings offer additional tools and features to aid in the creation of pages. The tools are optional and managed by each user individually.

Navigate to the Cover or Pages and click Settings (cog) in the bottom left corner to open the Page Design Settings panel. 

Unit of Measure – choose between inches or picas. The measurement of the grid will change depending on the option selected.

Show Rulers – to view the rulers, click on the box. The rulers will display at the top and left side of the design space. Simply uncheck the box to make the rulers disappear.

Grids & Guides – these tools aid in aligning objects or creating modular design. Don’t worry, the grid won’t print in your book, it’s purely to help in the design process! Continue reading to understand the different options within Grids & Guides and then choose the options that work best for you.

Smart Guides align an edge or center of the selected object with that of another object on the page. Select the object by clicking on it. Hold and drag it—as you’re moving it, note the gray-colored guides that extend from other objects on the page. When the object is in the desired location, release it.

Alignment Grid – also referred to as ‘pica grid’, this grid will display underneath all objects, except a background in which you will be able to see the grid come through.

Customizable Grid – create a grid that is completely your own. Upon checking this box, blue grid lines will appear.
NOTE: The Alignment Grid and Customizable Grid can be enabled at the same time.

Edit Grid – to make changes, click the ‘Edit Grid’ icon to the left of the ‘Customizable Grid’ check box. You can adjust the customizable grid or reset it back to the default of four rows by four columns without a gutter.

Snap to pulls a selected object and “snaps” it in alignment with the grid or guide that is chosen.

User Guides can be added by clicking and dragging from the ruler. Show Rulers must be enabled before trying to add a user guide. And, you must also enable either Smart Guides, Alignment Grid, or Customizable Grid so the User Guide(s) will display.

Objects Snap to Edge – this feature allows objects to snap to the bleed or safety margin. Click the check box if you wish to implement one of the options.

Snapping to the Bleed will pull objects to align with the outer edge of the design space. This ensures objects intended to bleed or “fall off” the page are trimmed properly. A warning icon will appear. Make sure important content like text and faces stay within the safe zone. 

Snapping to the Safety Margin will pull objects inside the green margin that outlines the center of the design space.

Show Tab Alignment Ruler – when editing a text box, a ruler is displayed just above it. This is used to set the spacing between tab stops. You can enable tab alignment on individual text boxes. To learn more about tab alignment click here.

Reopen to Last Page Edit – when enabled, this feature will direct the user to the last page saved. If a page hasn’t been saved or the option is disabled, Pictavo will load the first page in the book. 

Page View – choose the way in which you view pages – either a single page at a time or two-page spreads. For users assigned to a single page we recommend the single page view to prevent locking other users out of editing the opposing page. In the example below, the student is editing page 10 which allows another user to edit page 11 when also in single page view.

Preview –a window opens and displays a high resolution preview of either a single page or two-page spread.