Custom Cover Template Sizes

When designing a custom cover outside of Pictavo, it’s very important to start with the correct template size. To download Adobe Photoshop or InDesign custom cover templates, visit paying close attention to choosing the correct book size, binding type and page count when choosing a template. When designing a cover, always use high quality (resolution of 200 dpi or higher) artwork. Save files as JPEG, TIFF, PDF or PNG (30 MB or less) to be loaded into Pictavo or PSD, JPEG, TIFF, PDF or a packaged InDesign file if submitting outside of Pictavo.

If you plan to design your cover in a program templates are not provided for, please reference the size charts below. Once again, keep an eye on binding type and page count in order to create the correct document size.

Soft Saddle Binding

Soft Perfect Binding

Please note that the cover sizes and options below are only for Hard Cover and Smyth Sewn binding types.

Hard Cover Binding (80# paper weight/ 90# board weight)

Hard Cover Binding

(100# Paper weight/   90# board weight)

(80# Paper weight/ 120# board weight)

(100# Paper weight/ 120# board weight)