Coverage Reporting: Where do I begin?

The Student Roster and Coverage Reporting shows you how many times an individual appears in the book. This tool is also used to create an index which indicates who appears on what pages and is typically placed on the final pages of the book. 

Whether generating an index for your book or not, this is a very useful tool for monitoring student coverage to ensure each student is represented equally throughout the book. Pictavo captures this data through tags added to images by the yearbook staff. It is not necessary to tag portraits, as they are automatically tagged upon upload. When a user tags a photo, the coverage report is updated as soon as that image appears on a page. 

From the Dashboard, click on Student Roster at the bottom left column. 

The first step is to set a Coverage Goal. This goal should be the minimum number of times you’d like each student to appear in the book. 

Keep a constant eye on coverage with every visit to the Dashboard. 

You can also upload a Student Roster (typically provided by school administrator or secretary). While this is optional, there is one significant benefit to uploading a roster and/or a portrait database before you begin tagging – student names will be suggested as you are tagging photos. 

To upload a Roster, click the Upload button. 

Click Download Our Spreadsheet Template

The template will look like this:

Enter the student name, grade and/or homeroom information, etc. into the template. 

Tips for creating a student roster:

  • Use Microsoft Excel. 
  • The file you upload should be named "student_roster_template”. 
  • Any unused columns should remain blank; do not delete them. 
  • The top row of headers are needed and shouldn’t be removed. 

Here’s an example of the template with some student information entered. 

Save your roster, return to the Upload Student Roster window and click the Select File to Upload button. 

Find the file on your computer,

and then click Upload

If you get an error verify these things:

  • Make sure the file name is still "student_roster_template". 
  • Double check if you’ve deleted any columns. 
  • Remove blank rows (not columns). 
  • Remove any special, non-letter characters such as an asterisk *, slashes / \ or parenthesis ( ). 

You can always reach out to Pictavo Technical Support via email at or by phone (800)290-0036. We will be able to identify the issue more quickly if you provide a description of the error (or a screen shot) and attach and send the roster to us by email.