Building a Yearbook Team

Creating a yearbook is a little easier when you have a team working on it!

The size of your team will depend not only on how many people are willing to volunteer their time, but also how many people you’d like to manage. Typically, an elementary or middle school yearbook “staff” is a single person with a few really good helpers. Since you’ll be responsible for so much of the planning of the book, a great place to use volunteer help is for image collection.

We suggest finding two or three parents per grade that are willing to be your team of photographers. They’ll be responsible for getting images of major events on the school calendar-—events they’d already be at. It’s expected that teachers will capture images of day-to-day classroom activities, but there will be events outside of the school day that staff members won’t be able to photograph. It’s important to let your volunteers know what guidelines to follow while taking pictures. Volunteers need to:

- have a camera that can take quality images

- have decent photography skills

- be willing to take photos of kids other than their own during events and sort them later for submission

- be good communicators and team players, working with others and communicating during events is important


Once your team is built, take advantage of the organizational tools within Pictavo. Create Groups and assign permissions to your team members so those with access to the book can do what you need them to and nothing more. Not sure how to create Users or Groups? Watch the tutorial here.