Art Library Icons Explained

While yearbooks rely heavily on photos to tell the story of your year, many rely almost as heavily on art to play a supporting role. 

Pictavo's Art Library is the best in the industry (lucky you!). We want to make sure you know exactly what you're looking for and where to find it!

What is ART?

We consider Art anything that you're going to use to help enhance the look of your yearbook pages. We keep backgrounds, accents, templates, Snippets, shapes and photo boxes all tucked under the Art Palette

art palette icon

When the art palette icon is chosen, you'll see all the different types of art available to you within Pictavo.

BACKGROUNDS are graphics designed specifically to be in, well, the background of your layout! Our designers keep your photos and portrait grids in mind when creating art that still looks good when covered up by other elements. When dragged onto your page, backgrounds will always be sized perfectly and automatically be the back layer to avoid interfering with other elements on your page.

TEMPLATES are basically pre-designed page layouts that may include other art. If you're using a specific Art Collection, you can find templates that have been created to complement every collection within this album. If you'd like a little more creative freedom, there are also more simple templates within Pictavo just waiting for you to put your creative touch on them.

ACCENTS are small pieces of coordinating art used to enhance a layout. Some may call this type of art "clipart", but we'd hate for you to think this is the same old stuff you might see in your favorite word-processing program...because it's so. much. cooler.

SHAPES are exactly what you'd expect: different shapes you can drag and drop onto your page to use as design elements OR use them to crop images into varying shapes to create a unique look!

PHOTO BOXES are shapes that are specially programmed to hold an image and allow cropping capabilities. You can drag photo boxes onto your page to use as place holders in your design until it's time to place images.

Also in this pane, you'll see an icon for COLORABLE art. Because Pictavo's colorable art is so popular, we've created a 'shortcut' to be able to find the most flexible art in our libraries. Colorable art appears black, but allows you to apply ANY COLOR in the Pictavo color picker to each piece.

Want to make sure you're able to find the art that you've already decided you love? Use the "favorite" icon (the little heart next to each art thumbnail) to save a copy of the piece in your FAVORITES album!