Art 101

While yearbooks rely heavily on photos to tell the story of your year, many rely almost as heavily on art to play a supporting role. Pictavo's Art Library is the best in the industry (lucky you!). We want to make sure you know exactly what you're looking for and where to find it!

Read through the article below or, if you prefer, watch this video for a detailed tour.

What is ART?

We consider art anything that you're going to use to help enhance the look of your yearbook pages. Within the Art Palette, you’ll find backgrounds, accents, templates, snippets, shapes and photo boxes. 

When the Art Palette is open, you'll see all a variety of art types. 

BACKGROUNDS are graphics designed specifically to be in, well, the background of your layout! Our designers keep your photos and portrait grids in mind when creating art that still looks good when covered up by other elements. When dragged on to your page, backgrounds are sized perfectly and will automatically be the back layer to avoid interfering with other elements on your page.

TEMPLATES are pre-designed page layouts that may contain photo boxes, text boxes, headlines and possibly other art elements such as backgrounds or accents. Templates can be used as is or modified to suite your taste. And, you can always create templates from scratch for total creative freedom.

SNIPPETS are mini-templates designed with template customization in mind. Snippets may be used to modify a template or on their own. Elements that make up a snippet are grouped together to move as one object.

ACCENTS are pieces of coordinating art used to enhance a layout. Don’t confuse our accents with “clipart”! Our professional designers create one-of-a-kind art pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

SHAPES are exactly what you'd expect—different shapes you can drag and drop on to a page to use as design elements OR use them to crop images into varying shapes to create a unique look.

PHOTO BOXES are shapes that are specially programmed to hold an image and allow cropping capabilities. You can drag photo boxes on to a page to use as place holders in your design until it's time to place images.

COLORABLE describes one of Pictavo’s most popular art elements. In fact, it’s so popular, we created a shortcut for easy access! Many elements within our art collections are colorable. This means, after you place it onto a page, you can make it any color you want.

FAVORITES When searching through all the pieces of Pictavo art and you find something you like, click on the favorite icon (the little heart next to each art thumbnail). This action saves a copy of the art so when you’re ready to use it, all you have to do is simply click on Favorites and there it is—a real time-saver!

EXCLUSIVE Art may or may not appear in this category. If your yearbook provider creates custom art pieces specifically for you, it will be uploaded into the Exclusive category.

COLLECTIONS conveniently organizes all coordinating elements for an art collection in one location. Collections are listed in alphabetical order—click on the collection title you’d like to view. Art is categorized by type: backgrounds, templates, snippets or accents. You can expand all or view items by individual category.

(Library Icons Explained)