Approving Pages

Why do I need to Approve a page (or pages)?

Approving pages is the last step before submitting a book. Only the project Admin can approve pages. If you're working on a team or staff, a page will be approved after the person assigned to the page has given their approval AND the project Admin or Adviser has also proofed the page.

Where do I mark a page Approved?

Marking pages Approved happens in the Ladder.  

Note: If your book has been submitted for publishing, please contact your yearbook provider about having it unlocked.  


How do I Approve Pages?

Go to the Ladder. Your pages will likely have a status indicator of Ready For Approval (green bars shown below). 

Select the pages you'd like to Approve. Selected pages will have a blue outline to indicate they are active. The thumbs up icon in the tool bar is the Approve icon.

Once you've approved a page or spread, you'll get a pop-up window confirming what pages have been approved.

Once you've clicked 'OK', your pages will have a new status: Approved (blue bars). Once your entire book is approved, you'll be ready for submission!